Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sydney Turns 3

Sydney is an awesome little girl, and although there were some difficulties in the past few months making the transition to "big girl" status, she finally turned 3 today.

It must be tremendously difficult to go through so much in such a short life.

Just in the past few months, she has:

  • Moved from baby bed to big girl bed (although this involved a retrograde trip to mommy and daddy's bed for a while)
  • Welcomed new baby brother Evan
  • Moved to binky only during nap and bed time
  • Evacuated due to Gustav
  • Went to Disney World and finally sent on more rides than Small World
  • Went to first football game in the SuperDome
  • Still trying to get potty trained
  • Been subjected to the Magic-1-2-3 discipline technique
  • Rode on a roller coaster at the Carousel Gardens in City Park
  • Moved up to pre-school room at Abeona House

Sydney Cade Roux, we love you!

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