Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's not change until it happens is a great start, but I think we all are going to need to pull together and work for it, including holding the government to a higher standard and participating in telling Obama what needs to be done.

He claims he'll listen.

Bush was not a listener.  The no-bummer-zone from SNL was funny because it was true.

If we give people the education they need and get our country out of the dark ages, this would be the dawn of a new period of more reasoned and thoughtful discourse, where we talk about our priorities and make the hard choices of what we can have now and what we will need to wait for.

If Obama leads among people with degrees now, imagine what greatness he can achieve amongst people who don't have degrees now in four or eight years when they do have degrees, thanks to new priorities on investing in American capital - our people.

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