Wednesday, September 30, 2009

If it walks like a duck...

The city's beleaguered former technology chief reached an agreement with the Nagin administration Wednesday that allows him to collect several months of back pay and have his termination expunged from his record in exchange for his resignation.
Anthony Jones, the one-time head of the Mayor's Office of Technology, agreed to drop his appeal of his termination in exchange for the concessions, which he said will make it easier for him to find work.
Hopefully it won't be too easy for him to find work where honesty is important, because I'm not sure how you clear lying from your record:
"I wanted my record cleared," Jones said afterward. "I'm a technologist with 25 years experience."

He also claimed falsely on at least one occasion to have a degree.
This agreement doesn't cover all the reportage of his failures in the media, but I guess if you don't do a background check...
Jones' suspension letter will now reflect that he was not suspended.
Yep, the old non-suspension suspension letter...
"He leaves today with his good name," said his attorney, Lionel "Lon" Burns.
So if anyone wants an overpaid technologist who has a penchant for lying, has further helped to make a mess of City Hall IT and was under investigation for taking a gratuity but still has his good name...

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