Saturday, March 24, 2012

Catastrophe: Wrath of the Titans

Those who would be made gods by us mortals have been laid low.

In a peripeteia worthy of the greatest Greek tragedy, that snitch Melpomene has guided Goodell's, I mean Zeus Horkios' mighty bolt of lightning down from Olympus on an arc to overturn Payton's lying hubris.

And the chorus of fans are all singing and dancing around the cloudy truth about their new aurelian hero Brees, the most popular hero ever to slay the mighty hydra of Warner, Brady, Favre, and Mannings.

All the mortal T-Shirts in the world and the unfairness of the games of the gods mean little up on Mount Olympus, but I wonder if the sleeping titans will be roused, if the owners will feel threatened in their pocketbooks and turn the thumb on Goodell?  Will fans double-check their investments in tickets to a game which is now, to some extent, clearly manipulated by the gods, with their champions' fates always subject to re-writes and unnatural interference.

When the season comes to a climax in New Orleans, how will Clio and Calliope and the other daughters of Zeus be guiding the tales of this years champions and heroes?  Will Brees be Jonathan E?  In the XLVIIth spectacle in our Colosseum we can only hope that it is one worthy of the epic and unprecedented odyssey upon which we are about to embark - one which no band of heroes (or villains) has yet charted and which will be the stuff of legends for our children and their children and their children's children for generations.

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