Sunday, April 4, 2010

Evan's First Real Easter or Farewell to my 5am Easter Buddy

It seems like forever ago, but last year Evan was only 7 months old and every morning at around 4 or 5am he would wake up and cry. Now, I think if the house was quiet, he would sleep 'til 9, but back then it was a different story.

Last Easter, at 5 am we walked up to the 24hr Walgreen's with him in the Bjorn and then we hid Easter eggs in the yard for Sydney (I think the neighbor was supposed to come over but didn't show - which is why I seem to have enough plastic eggs for a small elementary school).

This year, we've already been practicing with empty eggs, hiding and refinding them over and over again, and although he knows nothing about the Easter bunny or the various mythologies of this season, he loves the game. I'm sure he'll also figure out that it's about candy, and he loves candy, so I expect a lot of trouble on that front.

I'll miss my 5am Easter Buddy, though.

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Emmy said...

Holly, Paul and I saw you "practicing"...on our way home from the CCC! The three of you seemed so content. Evan had just found one in a tree, with you looking at it together, and Syd was running through the lot at the end of your street, basket in hand, laughing out loud. Sweet, sweet.